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Yoke Lore Releases Folk-Electro-Pop Single, “Only You”

Don’t you feel dirty when you hear the word “electro-pop?” I’m sure the last time you heard the generalization thrown around, your mind was brought back to that fateful day when at some random local festival, ‘Becky with The Good’ Hair rattled your ear off about some poor-man’s Chainsmokers performing a half-hearted cookie-cutter set with some vocalist-crossbreed of Ellie Goulding, Halsey, and Lights. While each of these artists mentioned have their respective abilities and crowd-drawing devices, the word “electro-pop” has garnered such judgement from purists, that it limits us from enjoying some of the more indie-tinged, acoustic pop that has merged forces with the synthesizer.



In the spirit of defending the misunderstood generalization in a world where many purists feel offed by the notion of accepting anything that could possess the dreaded elements of “pop,” Yoke Lore is coming out of the dark to combine folk-acoustic sensibilities with dark trance-like tones. “Only You,” his newest track combines riffs that are reminiscent of classic Skrillex, as well as contemporary progressive house elements. Who said something catchy had to be a bad thing? The vocals that Adrian Galvin lays down himself are akin to a vocally mature Adam Young, and represents a certain musical maturity that many have not reached.



On the remix side, Giligan Moss proved that good indie, electro-pop can be remixed into a dank house track. Moss’s remix of Yoke Lore/Adrian Galvin’s Hold Me Down switches up the vocal production to hark back to the days of longer vocal riffs featured under house beats, yet gives it a modern spin with the vocals of what potentially could be classified as folk-pop. The remix highlights Yoke Lore’s viability in a market that is continually being lambasted with any sound that can be made on a synthesizer.

Yoke Lore’s release of “Only You” clearly sets him apart from those who are crafting incredibly simple melodies to please the masses. At this point, it seems almost reductive to mention that he is the blood brother of Noah Galvin, the lead star of the ABC trail-blazer sitcom, The Real O’Neals. Yoke Lore’s music speaks louder than most, and unlike Jermaine Jackson’s rather bizarre music career compared to Michael’s, Adrian’s own prowess in music can stand firmly on its own.


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