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Relentless Beat of the Week: Felix Cartal – “Keep Up” ft. Steph Jones

Chill weather, and chill vibes– it’s finally feeling like fall! This week’s Relentless Beat of the Week is following the trend. “Keep Up” by Felix Cartal is a track that mixes electronic, pop, and indie sounds; it’s a song that can appeal to many while still being entirely unique.

“Keep Up” is Felix Cartal’s most recent release under the Physical Presents label. He notes, “This is an important release for me. It’s the first on my new label and it debuts my new sound, which I’ve been honing in on with the remixes I’ve done the first half of this year.” Cartal has been playing around with his sound this year, opting for a softer sound and presenting a more personal side of his music.

The feel-good track features vocals from Steph Jones, who was also featured on Tritonal’s “Blackout”. Her voice works perfectly with the melody to create a catchy tune that just puts a smile on your face. Felix Cartal said “She has this voice that sounds pop and indie at the same time. I knew it was the perfect fit for what I’m doing because I feel like I straddle those two worlds.” Hopefully we see more work from these two in the future because they’ve created a beautiful track that’s been streamed over 2 million times already!

2016 was huge, but this is just a preview of what’s to come from Felix Cartal. He says we should expect more single and an album in early 2017!

Felix Cartal is bringing the vibes downtown to Gypsy Bar on November 11th. Get tickets here.

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Source: Billboard

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