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Eric Prydz Announces Return to UK for EPIC 5.0

After astonishing audiences with a technically intricate performance at Terminal 5 NYC, this innovator of house music will take his craft to yet another level with the next installment of EPIC. EPIC 4.0 was a masterful exhibition of everything that would be expected from Prydz. This living legend has always been known for his groundbreaking performances involving sophisticated light shows and progressive house beats. Prydz‘ revolutionary take on the conventional live show has solidified him as one of EDM’s greatest producers. Prydz is always seeking to outdo himself, and his latest efforts are demonstrative of his determination to accomplish just that in a tactful and ingenious way. Below is a look at the making of EPIC 4.0 as an interview into his creative process with the show.

Eric Prydz EPIC 3.0: An Exclusive Look Inside the Live Show!

There is a reason why Prydz‘ continues to obtain international acclaim. His records and performances are of the highest caliber and clearly showcase his passion for his art. The above look at all that goes into his EPIC shows demonstrate this. But just when we all thought Eric Prydz couldn’t get any better, he raises the bar with the announcement of EPIC 5.0. To further promote the upcoming installment of this series, Prydz released an ominous video depicting the newest stage design. His biggest and most elaborate to date, the forty-five second clip below promises to be an out-of-this-world experience. Watch and see for yourself.

Eric Prydz – EPIC 5.0 (Teaser)

We find this clip to be titillating, and it certainly arouses a sense of curiosity. As we all know, the full blown affect cannot be understood until the night of the live show. If you feel so inclined to make a trip to the UK to envelop yourself in this experience, tickets are already on sale. You can get them and sign up for updates about the event here.  The event will be held at the Steel Yard which is 30% larger in scale than Madison Square Garden to provide some perspective. So EPIC 5.0 is sure to be a presentation of magnanimous proportions. We’re excited to see how the show will turn out.

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