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4B’s Drops Weapons VIP Package

Born in Staten Island, NY 4B has been around music all his life. He began to teach himself how to DJ shortly after he moved to New Jersey and his mother suggested he looked into getting a job. “My mom always said, you want to be happy in life, find something you love to do so much you’d do it for free, then find somebody to pay you for it”.

Now our favorite jersey club DJ is back at it again with two new hot VIPs titled “Weapons 2.0.” With more energy packed into the 3 minutes than you could imagine, you’ll be shaking your head, body, and feet in ways you’ve never known you could before! Check out both his track in the player below.

Don’t forget that 4B will be here for Decadence, Arizona’s largest New Years Eve party since ever! If you want, go ahead and buy tickets right here and don’t forget to follow him on all social media accounts below to stay up to date with any news or music!

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