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5 Reasons to ‘Runaway’ with Sam Feldt

Sam Feldt, born Sammy Renders, is a Dutch DJ and producer who’s making huge waves. At age 23, with only two years under his belt, Billboard has called him “a modern house superstar”. Sam signed with Spinnin’ Records in 2014 and has put out hit after hit. There are tons of reasons to love Sam Feldt, but here are our five:

 1. His new track “Runaways” is perfection

Sam Feldt’s most recent hit, “Runaways”, was released in October. This track with Deepend, and vocals by Teemu has an indie-electro feel. It’s a catchy, feel good track, and in the month since it’s been out it’s already surpassed over one million plays.

2. He brings the good vibes, always

It’s hard to listen to Sam Feldt and not feel a little warm glow. Many of his songs depict visions of freedom and joy that are easy to get lost in. One of his most popular good vibes songs is “Show Me Love” featuring singer/songwriter Kimberly Anne, a cover of the Robin S classic with a new melody and house beat. It has over one hundred million plays on Spotify alone. Sam often plays with the softer, more melodic sounds of house music that make fans smile.

3. Everything he does is ‘Heartfeldt’

Sam Feldt loves to connect with his fans. He recently launched an artist blog,, that is the place for everything Sam Feldt. In a recent interview, Feldt said, “Heartfeldt is a closer look into my world, from the latest music I’m releasing to what my life is like on the road and what shows I have coming up. Users can communicate with each other and producers can drop in demos for my Heartfeldt Radio show. In the future, I will be hosting live streams and Q&A tutorials to all of the Heartfeldt users – so watch this space!” He’s the first artist to provide a platform like this for fans.

4. His music is a taste of Summer all year long

While not quite tropical house, Sam Feldt is a little taste of Summer. “Summer on You”, with Lucas & Steve, featuring Wulf talks about the simplicities of summer, like ‘coke and rum’. On top of being given a Platinum award, it was the most played song on Dutch radio in September and October, proving his summer sound is loved all year long.

5. He’s a master of remixes

Sam Feldt is best known for some of his outstanding remixes, which have included a remix of Sander van Doorn & Firebeatz‘ ‘Guitar Track’, Fleetwood Mac‘s “Big Love”, Mumford And Sons “I Will Wait”, and Rob Thomas‘ “Pieces”. One of my personal favorites is his remix of Naxxos‘ “New Orleans”, which infuses Sam Feldt’s house beats with powerful instrumentals.

Sam Feldt is bringing the vibes to Decadence Friday, December 30th. This event is heading for a sell-out, avoid the FOMO and get tickets here.

Connect with Sam Feldt: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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