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Barsmith, The Rooftop Bar You Need To Know About

Nestled up somewhere on a roof in downtown Phoenix is the most perfect atmosphere that you could ask for. Fresh air, great drinks at an awesome price, good music, the friendliest people you could meet, and anything else you could desire. The best thing about this place is that he is closer and easier to find than you could imagine. In fact Barsmith is right above our good friend Monarch and you’ve probably seen people hanging out up there as you’ve walked into your favorite Phoenix club.

There’s been a lot of famous local artists who’s journey began at Barsmith back in the day in fact, the bar has been here for nearly 10 years in total. Ghastly, Mija, Bijou, & more are included in that list of people who have done so. In fact check out this photo of Ghastly (Before he went blonde) and Mija going b2b!

So you best check out Barsmith at some point, who knows maybe the kid spinning there now is gonna be a huge star one day!

The man behind all these great nights is our dude Sean Watson (Pictured right in photo below). An amazing guy who is always more than welcome to invite you into his area and provide a night full of awesome entertainment. He throws down some pretty amazing sets too, so you’ll have to be sure to check one of his sets out when you stop by at some point. Big Fun Friday’s is always a classic as well as is Solstice Saturday’s.


So now that you know, do yourself a favor and get out to the best roof top bar in all of Arizona!

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