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Help 3LAU Build Schools by Dancing to his Songs on Spotify

It’s the season of giving; giving canned goods to food drives, giving gifts to loved ones and… giving Spotify streams to 3LAU? Yep, that too.

The Vegas-based DJ is far from selfish, as these Spotify streams have raised over $200,000- double his initial goal- for Pencils of Promise, a nonprofit education organization dedicated to building and funding schools in developing areas around the world. 

Pencils of Promise (PoP) focuses on constructing schools, supporting teachers and educating children. This year alone, 3LAU has already raised enough money to build five schools ($35,000 per), support 400 teachers ($500 per), or educate 800 students ($250 per), and he’s nowhere near the end of this project. The money has been raised through BLUME, the first ever not-for-profit dance music label and philanthropic movement. Here’s how it works:

“The way BLUME works is every song that’s streamed — so far there have only been two, which have both been my songs ‘Is It Love’ and ‘Fire’ — raises about a half of a cent,” 3LAU told US Weekly. “Which it doesn’t seem like that much, but when you multiply it by millions, and these songs are getting millions of plays, every million plays on Spotify raises about $4,000.”

Before the charity label was active, 3LAU raised $25,000 for PoP in 2013 with his remix of James Egbert’s “Back to New.” Later that year, the DJ visited the first school he helped fund in Justo Rafino, Guatemala, and was inspired by the life-changing trip to prioritize philanthropy in his music career.

James Egbert “Back To New” (3LAU Remix) 

BLUME was baptized in April 2016 with the release of viral track “Is It Love?” and soon after dropped “Fire.” His most recent release, “You Want More” featuring MAX allowed 3LAU to exceed his ambitious $200,000 goal. He’s also been donating a portion of ticket and merchandise sales, and encouraging fans to donate to his fundraising page, found here.

You Want More- 3LAU feat. Max

Here’s an excerpt from Justin Blau describing his efforts with PoP:

“For our first school, we raised $25,000 for the Justo Rufino Primary School in just two months. Remember way back in April 2012 when my remix of James Egbert’s “Back to New” came out on Beatport? Proceeds from the sale of my remix totaled $12,500 and I matched those proceeds with a $12,500 donation of my own. To start fundraising for the second school, I donated $1 from every ticket sold during the fall 2012 3LAU Your Mind Tour. Through those 22 shows we were able to raise $10,876, and now I’ve partnered with Electric Family to complete fundraising for the 2nd school. When you purchase a 3LAU bracelet from Electric Family, all proceeds will go to Pencils of Promise!” -Justin Blau

3LAU has proven time and time again that the power of dance music is limitless. He’s known to give free tickets to fans who can’t afford to go to his shows, he recently helped a fan propose to his girlfriend during one of his sets, and now he’s raised over $200,000 toward bettering education worldwide. This generous beat-generator has even discussed organizing a trip to the schools he and his fans helped build. Kindhearted and insanely talented, Justin Blau is in a class of his own, using his music to change the world. 

So next time you’re dancing shamelessly in front of your bedroom mirror, make sure it’s to a 3LAU song.

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