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Unlike Pluto’s “Someone New”

Armond Arabshahi, better known by his stage name Unlike Pluto, has a long history with music. He began learning piano at the age of five and then drums, guitar, even clarinet. This fascination with music followed him into his adult years when he started DJing.

His career has been on the rise since being on Billboard’s “Dance Artist to Watch” list, landing a Hulu commercial, and accumulating over 20 million plays just last year. Most recently he’s released “Someone New” featuring Desi Valentine.

“Someone New” is a song about looking for new love, something relatable to all of us. Desi Valentine has strong, mysterious vocals that give this track an edge. It’s different from his usual tracks with the hard drops and synthesizers, this song is influenced by pop and jazz sounds. It incorporates heavy instrumentals and a strong back beat that makes that song infectious; you could listen to it over and over again.

Unlike Pluto takes us to another planet on April 9, 2017, at Phoenix Lights Festival! Get tickets here.

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