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Get Happy With Gammer & Darren Styles ‘Feel Like This’

On Thursday March 16th, Gammer and Darren Styles will go back to back at the Monarch Theatre. These happy hardcore gods have collaborated many times before, and they’ve just released a new song together on Monstercat Records that you can play on repeat until they’re here in Az.

Just a month after his Monstercat debut, Darren Styles is back on the label once again with some new heat.  “Feel Like This” is Darren Styles’ latest release with Gammer, an artist most fans would have never expected to see on the label, given his distinct style of music that has lived through decades in the underground. While Gammer’s long time fans might be slightly disappointed with this release, “Feel Like This” should serve as a huge step for Monstercat and its community.

Although the track may not go hard enough for some fans, every artist has to switch things up every once in a while, and I think ‘Feel Like This’ showcases the softer side of hardstyle perfectly. It’s melodic and edgy, but maintains that upbeat hardstyle feel at the same time.

Don’t miss Darren Styles and Gammer sharing the decks at the Monarch coming in March, it’ll be a night of madness!

Connect With Darren Styles: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Connect With Gammer: Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud

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