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Here’s A Cult Worth Joining: The Cult of Rezz

At this point in time, Isabelle Rezazadeh, also known by her DJ name Rezz, has gained quite the following with her modern twist to the sinister dark realm of music we call techno. She’s gained support from many of our favorites including Skrillex, Deadmau5, and many more. Currently 21 years of age, she has already shared the stage at Montreal’s Stereo with Deadmau5 himself and transformed herself from the fan on the other side of the barrier to the DJ and Producer on stage, playing HARD’s Day of the Dead in LA later this year.


Through the awesome transformation, Isabelle has gained a complete sense of empathy for her fans reminding them constantly to never stop chasing their dreams. Isabelle posted the picture you see above on her Facebook June 6, 2016 and captioned it:

I posted this a while ago but hey figured it’d be a good time to share. This was 2013 at hard day of the dead. At that point I hadn’t even started producing music. I was pretty lost in life TBH. Didn’t know what I wanted to do. Most of my friends were in school and I was just out trying to have fun & slowly find my self. It was after this festival that everything became clear. After being mainly inspired by deadmau5 performance I came home , started producing music & haven’t looked back since ….. I was/still am a lil raver just like all of you. ??

Little did Rezz know, but because she has such a sense of enthusiasm, empathy, and love, her fans would turn around to show her something wonderful that words can not describe.

cult of rezz

The Cult of Rezz is a fan-based Facebook group with just about 9,000 people in it, all dedicated to Rezz’s music. “We call ourselves a cult for a reason ?? We are one. We are many.” states the Facebook’s group description.

Just here to support and obsess over Isabelle (Rezz) and everyone’s passion for beautiful trippy bass music, and the inspirational vibes she puts out through her music as well as through her personality. She’s the biggest sweetheart, so humble considering how hard she works and how far she’s come already. Just shows her potential as a great artist

Credit to creation of the group goes out the Matt Leblanc, pictured on the right below. Through learning about the group, Rezz was able to meet up with him and get to know her fan base even more, only supporting the evidence as to why her fan base is as big as it is and why it continues to grow. So shoutout to you Matt! By doing so you’ve brought together thousands of individuals, who can have a sense of home, comfort, and happiness, even though the lot of you is spread throughout the entire globe.

matt leblanc

In the page, you can find several people planning meet-ups at concerts, sharing their favorite Rezz tunes, and talking about anything revolving around the trippy k-hole music that Isabelle makes. Often times you can also find Rezz herself making post and talking to her fans, interacting with them, and showing that she truly does care about something much bigger than just a climb to the top DJ. Isabelle truly is an inspiration and wonderful role model to the thousands of people that she cares so much about.

If you’re looking to get a sense for Rezz and what she is all about, you’re in luck because she will be here in Phoenix March 4, 2017! If you want information on the event can be found here. Additionally, don’t forget to follow Rezz and her fan based pages at the social media links below!

Connect with REZZ: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect with The Cult of REZZ: Facebook | TwitterInstagram

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