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Do “Very Bad Things” with KJ Sawka and WB x MB

What do you get when you combine dubstep, acoustic and electronic drums, and smoooooth synths? KJ Sawka‘s latest collaboration with WB x MB, that’s what you get! This track goes up and down an atmospheric road of synths and shakes, and KJ’s classic drumming brings it all back home and makes you want to move.

It’s the perfect pace to vibe to at a slower 90 BPM – you’ll be moving and grooving while the rhythm takes you up and down. Check it out below:

This track was released as a part of Blood Lines, Volume 1, released by Warpaint Records and Impossible Records. This compilation, released on March 31, brings together the best from all EDM genres and artists. With the release they left this message on Beatport:

This multi-genre compilation is the culmination of a revolutionary idea in dance music, to unify to become the best, rather than a constant competition for the top! Despite the differences in culture each style of electronic music may have, the idea of a project of this magnitude signals a true to life movement where we bring dubstep, house music, trap and even downtempo artists under one umbrella to create a collective voice backed by two forward thinking labels that is sure to deliver like no one could have ever anticipated…

Connect with KJ Sawka: Website | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter
Connect with WB x MB: Soundcloud | Facebook | Website | Twitter
Source: Beatport

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