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Insomniac’s Dreamstate Brand to Expand Further with Paul van Dyk US Tour

The trance legend himself has released the news of his first tour after his unfortunate stage accident last year at ASOT 750 in Utrecht. There was a lot of commotion around the incident at the time as the main stage was closed for the night due to respect for van Dyk, but he is back and ready to rock under Insomniac’s well-known trance label Dreamstate. Lucky for us in Arizona and New Mexico, we get to be a part of the action at The Pressroom in Phoenix and El Rey in Albuquerque. What a treat! Buy your tickets to the Phoenix show here and the New Mexico show here!

Paul will be joined by colleagues of the trance world Vini Vici, Simon Patterson, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Heartbeat, and Solarstone.

Below is the beautiful flyer that merges spirituality with technology showcasing a mandala in the center of a modern architectural structure.


That’s not all though, folks! As a cherry on top of all the already trance-tastic goodness, Paul van Dyk has released a new track entitled “Touched By Heaven” on his imprint label Vandit Records. Have a listen here.

What a great way to kick off the tour! Thanks to Paul van Dyk for always keeping the music coming!

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