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Matt McGuire Covers Zomboy – Neon Grave Remixes With Perfection

Matt McGuire is a stud in the drum world and has expanded his brand rapidly to encompass our lovely community in electronic music. His past drum covers have reached hundreds of thousands of views each and have even earned him a spot on tour with the Chainsmokers. His skill at reimagining one the most important aspect of every EDM track, the drums, is simply unparalleled. More specifically, Matt truly tears it up in beast mode on his cover of remixes of the “Neon Grave” collection by Zomboy. In this cover, Matt increases the intricacy of the original drums by playing rhythms that would be almost impossible to mimic as a producer. Check out how fast he moves those hands below!

Zomboy – Neon Graves Remixes – Drum Cover

The original tracks and remixes, especially anything to do with “Like A Bitch”, are all very heavy and evoke a rock metal atmosphere. This atmosphere is easily grasped by Matt who has an extensive rock drumming background. Collaborations of these sorts are always inspiring and will lead to further combinations of different types of instrumentation and sound. The future is bright for Matt McGuire in the world of electronic music and we can’t wait to hear what else he has up his sleeve.

The Chainsmokers – Paris – Drum Cover

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