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Relentless Beat of the Week: Paul van Dyk – “Touched By Heaven”

Paul van Dyk is a Grammy nominated producer, DJ and radio host. He’s among the most respected artists in trance, having played a role in the formulation of the genre. Something fans respect most is his dedication to the sounds that made him an icon. When some of the biggest trance DJs opted for a more mainstream sound PVD continued to put out music he loved. He has 7 albums, a handful of remix albums and a plethora of singles under his belt. Last month he released his first single of 2017, “Touched By Heaven.”

This week’s Relentless Beat of the Week comes from the reigning king of trance, PVD.

Paul van Dyk – Touched By Heaven

After some potentially life-threatening injuries at a show last year it’s quite possible he’s feeling ‘touched by Heaven’. It’s an instrumental track that speaks louder than most with words, telling a magnificent story through power, harmony, and energy in one incredible tune. It’s optimistic and full of life, just like PVD. It’ll have you raising your hand to the heavens for sure! The music video takes us into another universe through futuristic swirls of chrome and blue. Dreamstate productions are always spectacular but something tells us the visuals on this tour are not to be missed.

Catch Paul van Dyk’s North American tour today, presented by Insomniac’s Dreamstate trance brand in Phoenix on May 5th and again in Albuquerque on May 18th.

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