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Sunday Funday with RB: Dillon Francis, Autograf and Oliver Heldens

Sunday Funday is here once again! Here’s what some of your favorite DJs have been getting into this week:

Dillon Francis is having a kick-ass weekend, no surprise. It’s been non-stop parties for this rowdy DJ, starting with a birthday bash for his famous pet pinata, Gerald. All of Gerald’s paper mache friends showed up for a one-of-a-kind set from Dillon and all the birthday festivities. It was even live streamed.

Just a couple days later Dillon was partying on the beach with fellow EDM heavyweight, Diplo. They were seen catching some sun and lots of air. I’m pretty jealous, to be honest. I wouldn’t mind spending a Sunday Funday with these two.

Hanging at the beach is a popular activity this week. Members of Autograf took some time to relax while in Mumbai, India. Hearing their new track “Simple” on the other side of the world must have been an exciting moment!

that feeling when you hear "simple" halfway across the world ✨? listen link in bio ? @arun_moras

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Meanwhile, Oliver Heldens has been living it up in China. He’s been tasting the food, hanging with locals, and just taking in all the culture has to offer. If you have him on Snapchat (@oliverheldens) you’ve been living the adventure with him. His China fan base is huge; people have shown up in koala costumes, Oliver totems, even Oliver Heldens tattoos.

Have a great Sunday Funday and relentless upcoming week!

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