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DJ to Watch: Havok Roth

Julio Nunez, a Venezuela-born and Miami-based DJ and producer better known as Havok Roth, is a rising talent within the industry and this week’s DJ to Watch. He was taught to love the art of music and rhythm at a young age and picked up a knack for instruments early on such as guitar, piano, drums, bass-guitar, and harmonica whilst simultaneously becoming vocally versed. This medley of skill sets combined with his passion lay the groundwork for a diversified artistic pallet.

He has a genre-blending style, combining elements of punk rock, R&B, even indie folk. He’s used his eclectic musical background and pushed his way into the saturated electronic realm, making sure he stands out from the rest by fusing irregular musical components to curate a one of a kind sounds. It’s no surprise he’s working with some of the best.

Most recently he released “Shatter” with TYNVN, a follow-up to the tune they released last year, “Vessel.” He worked on the killer festival trap hit “Stoopid Rich” with Crankdat and “Ritual” with ATLiens. Havok Roth has had releases from Steve Aoki’s imprint Dim Mak, Mad Decent’s Good Enuff, Fool’s Gold and Elysian Records as well as being apart of the notable Daruma collective. Havok Roth is paving the way for up-and-coming producers with his organic sounds filled with textured rhythms and bellowing 808’s.


Havok Roth joins a killer Trapfest 2017 lineup including Snails, Party Favor, 4B and plenty more. It’s guaranteed to be a rowdy time! Grab tickets here.

Connect with Havok Roth: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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