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RB Deep in the Mix: Tiger & Woods Boiler Room London

Once described as the mystery men of disco, Tiger & Woods have achieved the demi-god status for their smooth and glittery disco sound. The self-proclaimed ‘sample freaks’ come from Rome and although they kept their identities secret for quite some time we now know Larry Tiger and David Woods are the men behind the music.

The duo first formed back in 2008 after meeting at Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona.  Since then they have released multiple EPs and albums on the reputed Running Back Records and their own imprints, Editainment and most recently Tiger and Woods Records. Their sets are packed with carefully selected funk and disco tracks, ramped up with some modern house and techno flavor.

This week’s RB Deep in the Mix comes from one of their grooviest sets yet, their Boiler Room London appearance.

Tiger & Woods Boiler Room London DJ Set

This set couldn’t take place in a more perfect setting. Guests were fully engaged with the music and they boogied with their friends, drink in hand. The boys kept it fun and original with tracks from D.F.S., Politics of Dancing, Tensnake and plenty of their own edits! They said, “We try to create a combination of dance styles we love — from funk to boogie, from house to disco, from techno to soul. Our sound is heavily sample-based because we love to concentrate on those tiny little bits of a song which sometimes you want to listen to endlessly. We extract the groove and then make a new song out of it.”

Track list:

Farther – Tiger & WoodsStop – B.W.H.
Stop – B.W.H.Tonight – P-Sol
Tonight – P-Sol
Your Personal Touch (Tiger & Woods Private Edit) – Evelyn Champagne King
Balanzat (Tuff City Kids Remix) – Talamanca System
Magic Ways Of Body Movement – D.F.S.
Magic Touch (FA Paradise ’89 House Mix) – Faze Action
Bestissimo (Private Edit) – Tiger & Woods
Let’s All Dance – Band of Jocks
Lady Shine (Tiger & Woods Private Edit) – The Horne Section
Return To Page One (Tuff City Kids Disco Mix) – PBR Streetgang
Love So Deep (Tiger & Woods Private Edit) – Toney Lee
Crack House – Politics of Dancing
She’s The Master (Tiger & Woods Private Edit) – Richard Jon Smith
You’re The Kind Of Girl (Tiger & Woods Private Edit) – Kwick
Disco Fever – Phil Weeks
M.D.M.K. – Mathy K. & The Funky Punch
Amour Puerto Riqueno (Puerto Rican Lover) (Spanish Club Mix) – Raz
Give Me Back The Love (Passarani Private Edit) – On The House
No More Talking – Tiger & Woods
Holding Back My Love (Tiger & Woods Remix) – Tensnake
Let’s Do It (Tiger & Woods Private Edit) – Convertion
Ramona In The Seventies – Re-Tide
Boca – Tiger & Woods
Satisfy – Shit Hot Soundsystem
Pink Blunted (Credit 00 F**k Up) – Credit 00
Emergency (Mr. Absolutt Edit) – Gayle Adams

You can catch Tiger & Woods spinning that nu-disco sound on Friday, July 7th at Shady Park in Tempe. Grab tickets here.

Connect with Tiger & Woods: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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