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Shiba San Unloads Two Bass Bombs

With Fisher dropping the long-awaited, dirty dancefloor destroyer “Ya Kidding” recently, I thought my weekend repeat tune was locked in. That was until Shiba San hit us with his What’s On My Mind EP. Arriving last week on Lee Foss’ label Repopulate Mars, the French producer and DJ does not shy from his signature booty-bouncing, bass-focused funk. Both tracks feature basslines that reach out, grab you, and don’t let go.

The EP’s title track includes an eponymous sample injected with hip-hop bravado. Layering quirky indistinguishable vocals and a few quick breaks, you’re only brought right back to where you started–an unrelenting sub assault. Hearing it live is something else.

On the B-side, you’ve got “Oh My God.” It carries you along the rise and fall of the same melody throughout, toggling only between quirky synths and rumbling bass. The samples on this track set it off, with incoherent, glitched ramblings in the breaks and spouts of sinister laughing thrown in.

A stone-cold assassin behind the decks, Shiba’s been using these two tracks to leave dancefloors in the dust recently (can confirm, was mashed to a pulp at Dirtybird BBQ). Now, you can enjoy this hearty helping of bass with beer and sunshine for your upcoming weekend.

Catch Shiba San at Goldrush AZ on November 18th and 19th; grab your tickets here.

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