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Deadmau5 is Now a Married Mau5

Dance music legend and the man under the helmet, Joel Zimmerman, changed his relationship status last Saturday at his home in LA. I didn’t picture a quaint backyard wedding for a man like Zimmerman, but after seeing the pictures it all makes sense. I’m going to take a wild guess and assume most wedding venues wouldn’t allow six massive flame throwers (as he had) ..ah the perks of owning a 5 million dollar mansion.


Assuming that Instagram aligns with their relationship timeline, Joel and now wife Kelly Fedoni have been together since 2014. After a year-long engagement, the twitter tyrant and blond bombshell officially tied the knot and we couldn’t be happier for them. Maybe this huge life event will inspire new music? Let’s hope!

Mr and Mrs grill.

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We all know Joel to be less than warm and fuzzy guy, but after seeing all the footage from the wedding, it’s evident how in-love he really is. The newly married couple shared their first dance to Radiohead’s “All I Need” and Zimmerman looks like a love struck 15-year old at 8th-grade promotion. Congrats, Deadmau5!

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