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Dubloadz and the 9,000 Ghosts is a Modern Dubstep Masterpiece

The LA based, dubstep producer Dubloadz (Dave Nardolilli) dropped his 9,000 Ghosts LP one track at a time over the course of June and July this year. The LP contains a spooky variety of bass music styles like riddim, bass house, future bass, and good ‘ol dubstep! Dubloadz also includes many well thought out collaborations on the LP, teaming up with the likes of Virtual Riot, Crichy Crich & Funtcase to produce some ghostly bangers.

Listener beware, you’re in for a scare…

What makes Dubloadz and the 9,000 Ghosts stand out is the album’s inherently unique take on the most prominent bass music sounds today. Nardolilli draws inspiration from his peers and really puts a part of his soul in each track. Any ghost hunter will tell you that the personality of each and every ghoul is unique. Dubloadz will show you how distinct 9,000 of them are. Some of my personal favorites on the album are “Don’t Get Spooked,” “Ghosts on Acid,” & “Weapon X.” Any fan of bass music should take a peek into this hellish album.

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