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Will Spark’s Latest Featuring Priyanka Chopra Has Us Feeling ‘Young & Free’

The King of Melbourne Bounce is at it again! Having spearheaded the Melbourne sound from early in his career, Will Sparks has always been one step ahead and his most recent track with the multi-talented actress, singer, and songwriter, Priyanka Chopra, showcases his musical innovation. It’s a bass anthem with a jumpstyle beat; check it out now!

Will Sparks unique production style combines with Priyanka’s uplifting songwriting and outstanding voice to make a forward-thinking record which is perfectly primed for clubs, festivals and your favorite streaming service playlist. “These lyrics were born from a need for freedom, whatever that freedom may mean to each one of us. Being young and free is a state of mind that we all need to find in this crazy world to survive,” said Priyanka Chopra who has previously collaborated with, Pitbull and The Chainsmokers. We hope to see her name popping up as a feature more frequently!

Will Sparks said, “I wanted Young & Free to feel like a track ahead of its time. Collaborating with Priyanka has taken it to a whole new level. Her message and incredible voice combined with my production style have created something unique and I’m super excited to release it on Ultra!” 

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