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Malaa and Tchami Release ‘Summer ’99’ Collaboration

Both Malaa and Tchami have kept us satisfied this year with new music, like Malaa’s deep bass track “Hostyl,” released in August and Tchami’s recent album drop, Revelations, so it’s no surprise that their newest collaboration, “Summer ‘99,” is one of epic proportions.

The track captures both Tchami and Malaa’s unique sounds, featuring a fast beat and an eerie, high-pitched hook. The title does not fall short – the song is reminiscent of late-90’s hip-hop rhythms and old school house. Listen below.

It’s not the first time these two French DJ’s collaborated. “Prophecy,” released in 2016, is one of their most well-known tracks. The new collaboration won’t disappoint for fans of “Prophecy,” or really for fans of Tchami or Malaa at large.

You can catch both these artists at upcoming festivals in the valley. Malaa will be at Goldrush Sunday, November 19. Click here for more information. Tchami will be performing at Decadence Saturday, December 30. Get your tickets and any other information here.

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