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A-Trak B2B Baauer Doesn’t Stop at Goldrush

In recent years this powerhouse of a newly-announced duo have worked their way towards legendary status. A-Trak‘s widely appreciated glitch-hop and Baauer‘s own quirky list of releases (i.e. “Harlem Shake,”) have essentially made them household names in the electronic dance community. These two forces, praiseworthy on their own, are now joining forces to bring fans two new songs and an exciting B2B Tour announcement.

The mini-tour begins this Thursday in Denver at Beta Nightclub and will include a stop at our very own Goldrush Music Festival this weekend. If you haven’t already, get your tickets here. We’re honored and excited to have these two joining us for the festivities, as they will deliver an eclectic mix of both their well-known and loved solo pieces and some new surprises, too.


The two-track EP is nothing short of a treat. “Fern Gully” features the beloved jungle sound that’s growing in popularity recently. In my opinion, this track contains the qualities of both producer’s styles and will be sure to drop hard at Rawhide Event Center on the first day of the event. Their other track, “Dumbo Drop,” suits its name well, as it offers a technically intricate sound that flows into a variety of genres. The buildup is a delicate composition of different genres commingling to carry the listener to the drop which is, metaphorically, a trip back down a sonic escalator.

Be there to hear these songs live at Goldrush this weekend!

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