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Dirty Audio Shows us His ‘STACKS’

The Dirty Audio train has shown no sign of stopping since we last checked up on their track “Stay,” which they made with the talented HOLLY and Delta Heavy. This time, Dirty Audio dropped a completely solo showcase single titled “Stacks.” Riding on the success of his recent hits, his new single is an absolute banger.

“Stacks” presents itself as a foreboding monster of a track that utilizes the darker vibes Dirty Audio has become renowned for. In this journey through darkness, the track takes you to a place with intimidating synths backed by a simple melody. With some heavy emphasis on a mix of trap and dubstep-esque elements, “Stacks” challenges its listener with guitar-like flanging synths paired with massive buildups.

Compared to their most recent singles, “Stacks” could definitely be a departure from some of the softer sounds Dirty Audio accepted when collaborating with other artists. In this return to his proper form, the track reminds listeners that all we have to worry about with a fellow like Dirty Audio, is accepting only the finest level of trap and nothing else.

While the track may reflect heavily on the trap subgenre, the heavy hip-hop vibes which beg for a freestyle will no-doubt attract the attention of mainstream listeners. Get the new single here, and keep on the lookout for more Dirty Audio madness.

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