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Gerry Gonza is One to Watch

Gerry Gonza, also known as Gerardo Arellano, got his start at an early age by learning to read, write, and play classical percussion in elementary school. The DJ hails from right here in Phoenix, where he launched his career as part of the Thee Cool Cats duo. He left the duo to begin collaborating as a solo artist with he likes of Bijou and Destructo, helping him rise to fame. His hit track, “Bad Bitches” released on Tchami’s Confession label, was released in 2016, making Gerry Gonza a name well-known in the industry.

Since launching his career as a solo artist, Gonza has released several singles and a couple EPs. His 2016 Freak the Core EP featured just two songs, “Freak The Core” and “B.O.B.” Both were received well by fans, as Gonza’s hard-hitting basslines don’t hold back in these tracks.

He released his Back in The 90′s EP in early 2017, made up of four solid tracks: “Back in the 90’s,” “Freakin,'” “Right Now,” and an Eskuche Remix of “Freakin.'” Since then, he’s released over 10 singles, all within the span of the past year. His most recent track, “MOH,” captures the very essence of Gonza’s music: driving basslines and eclectic melodies.

Be sure to keep your eye on Gerry Gonza – he’s doing big things and he will only keep rising. If you’d like to see more of the local DJ, you can catch him at Decadence AZ next weekend. Get your tickets and other info here. If you can’t make Decadence, don’t worry – you’re in luck. He will be back in February for Crush AZ. You can get all your info for that here.

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