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Get to Know Yaeji

Yaeji is one of the best names in house music right now, so if you don’t know her yet, it’s time to get to know her now. She makes banging, bass-driven tracks, with introspection and deep thought thrown in. It’s a refreshing mix and people are taking notice.

Her music is smart while easily penetrating the receptors that cause heads to start moving and bodies to start dancing. On “raingurl,” she sings in both Korean and English. The mixture of the two is gorgeous, as the Korean is soft and whispery while the English sounds gruffer. Lyrically, she’s clever and witty. “raingurl” is a song about experiencing life’s greatest joy in a club, to be free from everything. She sings about drinking “Mother Russia” and not being worried about family planning because of the party is that banging. The reverberating, hypnotic bass sounds like it’s slamming inside a club full of sweaty people and swinging arms.

On her early tracks, like “drink i’m sippin on,” she mostly sang in Korean because she didn’t want people to know what she was talking about. Although on her Genius Verified, where she breaks down the track, she has this cute moment where she says she never thought about how Koreans would understand what she was saying. Clearly, this is all fine now because on Verified she lets us non-Korean speakers in. Knowing the meaning of the translated words bring new life to an already deeply emotive track. Sound wise, the track’s textured bass and sparse hi-hats create a chilling atmosphere all on their own.

Don’t be too late finding out about this artist who is blowing up. Yaeji just dropped an EP aptly titled EP2 on November 2nd. It includes a cover of Drake’s “Passionfruit”. Surely, not much more time will pass before even more people are talking about Yaeji.

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