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Spin it Back Saturday: Basshunter – ‘All I Ever Wanted’

At the end of the 2000’s, hard styles of electronic music were doubtlessly the latest fad. Basshunter, born Jonas Erik Altberg, had been producing music for clubs in Europe for almost a decade, but he received world recognition once “All I Ever Wanted” was released. If you listen carefully, you’ll realize Basshunter isn’t just putting in work on the beats, but he does the vocals for the track as well.

Basshunter – All I Ever Wanted (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (Ultra Music)

As the song gained popularity, the video for the track came out and starred Iranian-Norwegian model and familiar face, Aylar Lie. Previous to “All I Ever Wanted,” she was featured in Basshunter’s video for ‘Now You’re Gone,’ another hit that smashed charts around the world.

As the story continued, Basshunter’s career took off. Originally from Sweden, the two releases catapulted him and his music outside of Europe into countries including the United States, Australia, and more. Today, you can still find Basshunter doing his thing, but he won’t necessarily be singing in his tracks anymore. He finds it much more interesting when someone else is featured in his work.

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