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Spin it Back Saturday: Justin Timberlake – ‘LoveStoned’ (Kaskade Remix)

Nothing warms the heart more than Justin Timberlake‘s smooth vocals and sultry tunes. Well, maybe one thing warms the heart more–the Kaskade remix of Justin Timberlake’s “LoveStoned.” The JT original debuted in 2006 and the Kaskade remix came shortly after in 2007, but seven years later I still can’t get enough. That’s why it’s this week’s Spin it Back Saturday.

Kaskade leaves the original vocal sample mostly intact, adding a deep, mellow baseline that builds into an energetic, synth inspired chorus. The original track comes with its own sexy flair, but the Kaskade version adds a new level of danceability that’s absolutely addictive. This Justin Timberlake and Kaskade mashup is five minutes of pure bliss.

You can catch Kaskade at Crush Arizona in February. Get more info, the full lineup, and tickets here.

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