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Tiesto Drops ‘Boom’ Remix with Gucci Mane

Tiesto brought back his 2016 club hit ‘Boom” with a Gucci Mane feature and it BUMPS. Commonly referenced as the “father of EDM,” it’s power moves like this that keeps him at the forefront of our hearts and feeds. While in its original form, “Boom” racked up millions of plays and garnered the masses, the simplistic bass of this track is the perfect foundation of a rap flow. Seeing an opportunity and executing it with laser precision, this remix is sure to be showcased in sets and shows in 2018. Check it out below.

Shedding light on the collab, Tiesto explains:

My track “BOOM” is already a massive club hit, and I figured that it still had some room to grow with the right feature. I’ve always liked Gucci’s flow and music, so I approached him and he was down! This particular collaboration came together organically. What I’ve learned about teaming up with other artists is that everyone’s ear is different and everyone has their unique approach to working with a track. I know my sound very well, which can make collaborations difficult because I’m not willing to compromise my style. But, when my collaborations work, they really work. This track is an example of that.

As a sign of things to come, “BOOM” kicks off what promises to be a hallmark year for the dance music icon. Check out Gucci Mane at Phoenix Lights for a chance to catch this one live. Grab your tickets here.

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