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Go ‘Balenciaga’ with Luca Testa and Kom’s New Warehouse Banger

Last time we checked on Luca Testa, “Go Down” lit up ears with its experimental tech-house influences. While the previous track may be exploring new avenues, his brand new single, “Balenciaga,” takes us back to what this producer does best. Check it out below.

“Balenciaga” featuring Kom, begins with a club-ready backbeat and studio claps. What goes from a familiar banger slowly transitions into an underground banger with a gritty-yet-simplistic synth. Kom’s influence in the track also shows itself when compared to the electricity of his 3-month old recent banger, “Bad Whine.” When comparing the two tracks, listeners can hear the Luca Testa’s evolution when compared to “Balenciaga.”

Released on Panda Funk, “Balenciaga” is a return to Luca Testa’s roots while also introducing new listeners to the infectious production energy that is Kom. With the thumping 4-on-the-floor beat and gritty breakdown, “Balenciaga” will no doubt appeal to listeners looking for a return to an underground sound. Grab the track here.

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