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Jerry Folk and SAINT WKND Mix It Up to Kick Off Their North American Tour

Last Saturday, SAINT WKND and Jerry Folk released a mix in preparation for their Foreign Affair Tour which kicks off in Washington on February 7th. The tour-titled mix is 51 of minutes of originals, remixes, and new music, and it serves as an auditory glimpse into what the two have in store for their 21-show North American Tour. Check it out below.

Before you go digging for a tracklist I’ll save you some time and warn you, there isn’t one (wise move). If and when you put their Foreign Affair mix on repeat and the novelty starts to dim, you’ll probably be yearning for more. Your wish is our demand. Jerry Folk and SAINT WKND are set to shake the trees of Shady Park on March 3rd. This is a Tour stop you won’t want to miss, grab your tickets here.

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