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Morgan Page, Jayceeoh, and Kaleena Zanders Team Up For ‘Lost Dreams’

American DJs and producers Morgan Page and Jayceeoh have teamed up with Super Bowl sensation, Kaleena Zanders, for a festival anthem of a song, “Lost Dreams,” and this one will get you moving. The track is a fun, upbeat dance anthem. With the use of organic guitar sounds as a backdrop, Morgan and Jayceeoh have allowed Zanders’ vocals to really take the lead – and she shines. Check out the track below.

Zanders has been in the spotlight lately, following the use of her original track, “Stronger Than I’ve Ever Been,” in the Toyota “Good Odds” ad campaign which premiered during the Super Bowl. Her talent on vocals complements the styles of Morgan and Jayceeoh who have both experimented with EDM sub-genres throughout their careers. We like this mix and hope to see more collaborations like this one bringing all sorts of styles together.

You can catch Morgan Page at Phoenix Lights this April. Get your tickets and other info here.

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