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Jayceeoh Releases Remix Package for ‘Not At All’

Earlier this year, West Coast-bred DJ/producer Jayceeoh teamed up with the Stafford Brothers and Waka Flocka Flame for the hip-hop/trap blend, “Not At All.” The artist just released a four-track remix package to top it off, featuring four very different takes on the single. Hit play below and see what you think.

The remix package starts with Yakz’ dubstep twist on the track, followed by a Trap remix by Yvng Jalapeño. Sammy Boyle’s version takes the track in a whole new direction, adding a big room house/club sound, while Schade bumps up the BPM for a House remix.

Don’t miss Jayceeoh when he heads to Arizona this September for the third annual Goldrush. Click here to see the full lineup, purchase tickets, and get all the info you need!

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