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Four Tet Puts a Gorgeous Spin on Bicep’s ‘Opal’

Whether you’re on a dark dance floor, in the car, or hanging out at home, it’s hard not to move your body when a Bicep song comes on. Last year, the Belfast-based electronic duo released their breathtakingly-beautiful, introspective self-titled album.

The real genius of this album lies in its subtly and understatement while remaining incredibly danceable. Each track compliments the next perfectly—and yet, every song is a unique auditory experience, compelling the listener to find out what happens next. So, it’s no wonder that remix-master Four Tet has plucked a gem from this musical treasure trove to put his own spin on it.

At its core, Four Tet’s remix of “Opal” is driven by the same beating heart as the original track, but slowly evolves into a living, breathing entity with that quintessential, organic Four Tet sound. The whole track is punctuated by a humming, mournful note until it hits the 6:30 mark and breaks down into an almost live-sounding, primal drumming. It’s the kind of exciting musical journey we’ve come to expect from this master of the craft, and it’s certainly a trip worth going on.

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