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Merk & Kremont Release ‘Fire’

Italian duo Federico Merk & Joe Kremont, better known as Merk & Kremont, have been a popular name in the electronic dance music scene after gaining recognition with their 2013 release “Tundra,” a progressive/electro house track that epitomizes the releases we hear throughout their discography.  Thanks to their signature sound, the duo has released many successful tracks on popular labels like Spinnin’, Flamingo, and most recently, Musical Freedom Records.

The duo’s newest release, aptly titled “Fire,” brings the heat from a variety of different sources and musical motifs.  Starting with a playful synth riff, the track instantly invites the attention and engagement of the listener.  This immediately transitions into a quick buildup before releasing the tension with an equally-exciting drop.  The following section features a hip-hop influenced rhythm with powerful 808 basses and a vocal designed to hype up any crowd as the vocal chants “bring the fire, bring the fire, bring the fire inside!”  The hook quickly transitions into a second build and drop – this time with some cowbell-esque percussion to make the climax even more heightened.  Thanks to its succinct, rapid-fire nature, the new Merk & Kremont record is sure to be remembered as one of the duo’s hottest releases.

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