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PRXZM Got Us in a ‘Haze’

Synth-pop duo, PRXZM, has been releasing fun and spunky tracks for a few years now. Some of these tracks include features with Virtual Riot, Wuki, and even Borgore. One of my favorite tracks by Nick and Emma is “Haze.” The song features Emma’s enchanting vocals that had me involuntarily swaying along, plus a soft, synth-like backdrop that ties in perfectly with the picturesque lyrics. Finally, the upbeat pop tune comes in with the drop and sends the song flying into a lively and spirited refrain.

If you love this song, you’ll also love Gill Chang‘s remix. This rendition features same mystifying vocal aspects with a less pop and more future bass drop, for those of us who love our synth chords.

In preparation for Phoenix Lights, PRXZM is part of our Sightings series. This duo can be seen on March 23rd at Shady Park. Get your tickets for this extraterrestrial experience here.

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