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Watch it Wednesday: Party Nails – ‘So Broke’

Electro-pop princess, Party Nails, released “So Broke” three months ago and it’s been the anthem for aspiring artists and pop enthusiasts everywhere since. With the track came a widely fun-themed music video that makes us 90’s kids feel back in the good ol’ days. Elena Belle Carrol is front and center in the video singing her tune and giving an award-winning performance. The song embodies a struggling artist who is feeling the financial distress of going against the corporate grain and trying to ‘make it’ is the entertainment industry, a sediment that many can relate to. The video takes a symbolic and quirky approach at portraying the lyrics that is far better watched than read, check it out below.

Party Nails – So Broke

Party Nails is hot on the rise and putting out pop music that can’t be found on the radio…so you know it’s good. Her lyrics are heartfelt and true, and her production is dance evoking…the two together will never go out to style.  This spring she is accompanying MitiS on his ‘Till The End’ tour along with PRXZM and on March 23rd the trio is coming for Shady Park. Nothing is better than a Shady Friday and some LA born beats, grab your tickets here.

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