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2018 is Supa Dupa Fly for W&W

We’re only four months into 2018, and already it’s been a great year for music. Swedish House Mafia are getting back together, several big producers are in the process of creating new albums, and new music is always in the works. You could say that’s all pretty dope, but W&W are out here declaring that 2018 is “Supa Dupa Fly.”

The Dutch duo, comprised of Willem van Hanegem and Wardt van der Harst, might be using “fly” as hip (albeit outdated) lingo, or they might be talking about a Supa Dupa insect. The album cover features a giant glowing fly, so let that be your deciding factor. Either way, this song will get you pumped for this year. W&W know how to create high-energy dance music, and “Supa Dupa Fly 2018” is a classic big room house track with just the right amount of energy to get your fist pumping and your feet dancing. It has a little space-age vibe to it with funky vocals that repeat “supa dupa fly” in a robotic voice.

This year my music focus has been on dubstep, deep house, and future bass, and somewhere along the way, I think I grew tunnel vision for just those sounds. I appreciate this new W&W track for bringing me back to the kind of music that, for me, represents dance music. It’s called big room for a reason! W&W are experts at this hyper-feel-good sound, and their new track is no exception.

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