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W&W Introduce New ‘Rave Culture’

Hitting the nostalgia of 2012 and 2013, a new movement of bigroom is making a comeback in the form of “Rave Culture.” W&W brings a full arsenal of classic siren synths as well as more modern sounds, to recreate a style that brings back memories to festival goers of the golden era.

W&W – Rave Culture (Official Video)

Mysteriously jumping into a futuristic setting, the video to accompany the new label is actually pretty wild. While music videos for a genre like this were almost non existent years ago, this one feels natural. It’s exciting to see how the EDM scene is offering more dynamic marketing. A rebrand of “Mainstage Music,” the new movement has more emphasis on creative freedom and touching on subgenres, while still maintaining the previous direction.

October 19th marks Amsterdam’s Dance Event, in which Rave Culture is hosting a free launch party for fans at Club Nova. They can expect to see performances from W&W, Maurice West, D-Block & S-Te-Fan, and others, Make sure to follow @RaveCulture on Instagram and get hyped for some awesome Big Room to make a comeback!

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