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Check Out Sevenn’s ‘Beautiful Tonight’

Sevenn, the dynamic duo from Los Angeles is making their mark in a huge way. Last year the two teamed up with Tiësto to make the festival anthem “Boom.” This track has been pure gold for house artists and they show it by playing it out in almost every set I’ve seen in the past year. Earlier this year it was remixed with Gucci Mane, only furthering its popularity.

One of the great things about Sevenn is their ability to play a variety of genres and not get tied down to one facet in EDM. Their latest release, “Beautiful Tonight” with Yves V portrays this perfectly.

“Beautiful Tonight” starts off with guitar chords and a great lyrical rendition. This type of musicality is not typical in many EDM songs today. The drop features a steady beat and wind instrumentation that gives the song an awesome tropical house vibe.

For those of you as entranced as I am by this musical range, Sevenn will be playing Wet Electric 2018 this coming Saturday at Big Surf in Tempe. Tickets and more info can be found here.

Connect with Sevenn: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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