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Gill Chang x YNGBLOOD ‘What We Had’ feat. Aviella

Los Angeles based and Taiwan born producer, Gill Chang has been flushing out some very feels-y, fun beats over the past few years. Some of my favorite GC tunes include his remix of “Never Be Like You,” by Flume, and his remix of Josh Pan and X&G’s “Platinum.” In 2017, he has put out his own EP, Words Unspoken, which has really showcased his talent as an up and coming producer.

YNGBLOOD is another smaller producer who has worked with artists such as Hex Cougar. From San Deigo, YNGBLOOD has a future bass sound and very sweet melodies that are sure to stir up some hype within the coming months.

Recently, Gill Change and YNGBLOOD released their new track “What We Had” Feat. Aviella.

The track begins with a xylophone-like tune that leads into slow piano beats and Aviella’s high pitched singsongy tonality. The song goes into a future bass synth drop and then right back into the catchy chorus.

If you love all the feels and good vibes of artists like  Manila Killa or Chet Porter, you will love this track. Make sure you keep an eye out for Gill Chang and YNGBLOOD two on lineups and make sure to see them before they quickly hit the MainStage!

Connect with Gill Chang: Facebook | TwitterSoundcloud

Connect with YNGBLOOD: Facebook | TwitterSoundcloud 

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