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Monstercat Artist Tokyo Machine Releases ‘Cookies’

You may know Tokyo Machine from his numerous releases on powerhouse label Monstercat, his infectious Japanese-inspired brand, or the rumors surrounding his true identity.  Regardless if Tokyo Machine is actually Ghastly or Xilent, as some conspiracy theories suggest, one thing is for certain: his new track ‘Cookies’ is one awesome tune.  Finding himself on Monstercat yet again, Tokyo Machine’s “Cookies” is similar to his other tracks in that they fuse a diverse array of different genres, styles, and sounds that culminate into a fun and energetic track.  In the diluted world of repetitive musical ideas and sounds, the Tokyo-based producer (according to Monstercat) always knows how to serve a unique product to his fan base

The track begins with a “kawaii,” 8-bit-sounding melody and tones that you would expect to hear from nostalgic video games.  After a soft, innocent introduction, more bass sounds are incorporated as the track begins to become more and more hyped.  With a catchy vocal repeating “cookies” in the build-up, the listener is led to a drop that combines the styles of many different genres.  Containing elements from progressive house, complexetro, electro, bass house, and breaks, this record is truly unique.  Because each of these genres has a distinct time period of popularity, “Cookies” possesses a timeless energy which suggests the song has a longer shelf life than merely a few weeks, like most tracks in electronic music.

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