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Oliver Heldens’ ‘King Kong’ Has a Touch of HI-LO

Oliver Heldens, king of future and deep house, just released an insanely funky track. “King Kong” (HI-LO Touch) stays true to Heldens’ classic goofy vibes while bringing a little tropical tone to the table. There’s more to this track though; “King Kong” has a touch of HI-LO in it, an alias of Oliver Heldens’ under which he produces other types of house music. Check it out below.

The track starts off with a chill house beat that Heldens has often created in tracks like “Flamingo” and “Bunnydance.” Just after the drop is when that HI-LO touch comes in. The bass brings a deep darkness that isn’t usually found in Heldens tracks. Then, in a feat of mastery Heldens combines the two genres in an idiosyncratic blend of bass and synth. “King Kong” is as incredible as the giant gorilla himself.

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