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Sango Conjures the Comfort Vibes on Latest Album

Seattle-based producer and DJ Sango recently released his highly anticipated album, In The Comfort Of. This 17-track collection of beats and rhythms speaks to the ever-changing landscape of producing while keep consistent with Sango’s true inner self. This album was a 4-year project; you can hear and feel the tireless hard work that went into its creation. It’s meticulous, it’s seamless, and it’s like nothing else out in the music marketplace right now.

When ITCO was first announced in 2014, the buzz was booming. It took nearly 4 years to match vocals, find the right collaborators and put it all together to create the soulful and melodic experience that it is. The work paid off, and now this piece of production art is turning heads and catching plays. In less than a month, the album has already racked up over a million steams on Spotify alone.

Highlight tracks on the album are “Sweet Holy Honey,” “Khlorine,” and “Life Without God is Nothing.” in these you feel who Sango is and what he values. Perhaps the best thing about enjoying someone’s music is feeling a connection to them, and with ITCO, you not only get a  moving set of songs you get the know the man behind them.

Sango will be providing the uplifting beats at Crescent Ballroom on May 19. Get your tickets here.

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