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Basko Returns with TITUS on ‘Go Get It’

It’s been about a year since Basko broke into the scene with Boston rapper Sammy Adams on “Driving,” but after a slew of collaborations, remixes, and guest appearances, Basko returns to the helm with his newest track, “Go Get It,” featuring Jersey-rapper TITUS.

With a vocal style that follows the auto-tuned R&B hooks that shaped the last few years of hip-hop, “Go Get It” acts as a vehicle for Basko’s urban roots mixed with TITUS’s ability to vocalize the emotions behind the R&B/progressive house fusion and party lyrics. Basko finds the balance between heavy-smacking synths and chill cocktail lounge vibes. While we all love to headbang and shuffle, it’s a pleasant surprise to find more tracks that welcome a “kick-back” vibe when you want to jam with your friends.

Released on Hiiigher Records, Basko’s well-rounded track is the perfect addition for those craving melodies in the style of Porter Robinson but the rap-style of Future-meets-Kanye. As a post-420 track, “Go Get It” is the happy medium between lighter “ballad” rap vocals and progressive house percussion. Get a free download of the newest single here.

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