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Boombox Cartel Drops Fire Track Like It’s ‘NBD’

Americo and Jorge are the two lawless producers who make up Boombox Cartel. Since thier outbreak year in 2015, the boys can be found packing stages at the likes of EDC LV, Lollapalooza, Moonrise, and Global Dance just to name a few. They conjure the filth and grime within their low end, deep-seated production style. Press shuffle on them and you will be met with a mired of genres including electro, trap, hip/hop, and dubstep. They bring a level of finesse to their growling basslines and relentless tempos that set them apart.

Their latest release, “NBD”, embodies everything you’re looking for in a Boombox banger. Opening with a soothing ballad, the duo eases your nervous system before they deteriorate your ear canal. A long, screeching siren moves into a heavy dubstep chorus that will bring you to your knees. The mark of a Boombox track is the beauty they blend with the beastly- in between the dubstep sections are light and airy breaks of soft melodies. The contrast is pure production brilliance. To be blunt, “NDB” is a BFD.

Dust off your trap arms because Trapfest 2k18 has been announced. Headling and red lining the night, Boombox Cartel is coming back to the desert to bring you the best in Trap and Dubstep. Catch them at Trapfest Phoenix on July 28th and Trapfest Tucson on July 28th. Tickets are now on sale, grab them (in the city links!) before prices go up.

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