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Hardwell Shakes the Ground with ‘Earthquake’

When I think of EDM, I think big room house. It’s that fist-pump, jump in the air, synth-pop sound that gets you hyped up without being too heavy or too emotional. Classic electronic music. And when I think big room house, I think Hardwell. Therefore, when I think of EDM, I think of Hardwell, and who doesn’t? Born Robbert van de Corput, the Dutch DJ/producer has been in the game since 2006 and is easily a household name at this point. Hardwell hasn’t lost his magical touch over the years; if anything, he’s only honing his skills. Recently, he released “Earthquake” with Harrison, and it’s a high-energy banger.

This track wastes no time in building a climax to a drop, and man is that drop satisfying. “Jump make the ground shake / Like an earthquake” is nearly a command for the listener, and I can only imagine the sort of crowd control it could have in a live setting. ‘Earthquake’ is the perfect marriage of futuristic synths and that BPM sweet spot that’s just right for bouncing around with your rave squad. That’s why Hardwell is so special to EDM – he sets the tone for a perfect night of dancing with your friends.

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