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Noisia and Former Deliver a ‘Cleansing’

NOISIA is a Dutch electronic trio made up of members Nik Roos, Martijn van Sonderen and Thijs de Vlieger, and they produce nothing short of a slightly psychedelic bass experience. I remember seeing them for the first time late last year. I stared in awe at the trippy visuals and felt the bass literally flow through me. I knew this was the music that my ears had been looking for. The team of three producers plays everything from house to dubstep to drum and bass, and their unique tracks often refuse to adhere to any one of these genres. The resulting songs are mind-blowing in their idiosyncrasy. Recently, they put this original style together with Former, a mysterious producer also from the Netherlands.

“Cleansing” raises goosebumps and instills a sense of fear and foreboding. The tempo creeps along slowly, with zombie synths and alien-like samples eerily sending shivers up your spine. The ever-present bass is the only thing that remains comforting in this track. It feels like a cleansing of the brain. Think Stranger Things meets apocalypse. Noisia posted this along with the track on their Soundcloud: “We’re going to be releasing a series of singles in the coming period. First up is this track we have been working on with Former. Hope you like it!” It’s an incredible single that pushes boundaries. Hopefully, more like this will be released soon!

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