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5 Favorites From Beatport Top 100: July

Long before applications like SoundCloud and Spotify took over there was another outlet for upcoming electronic artists to share their capabilities with the world: Beatport. Beatport is a haven for electronic music lovers. Think of it like the Costco of dance music. There are literally hundreds of thousands of tracks varying over every sub-genre you’ve ever heard of–and even more that you haven’t! Listeners can sample, explore, and shop for new music in an easy and fun way. My favorite part of Beatport is the charts. The Beatport charts keep track of the most popular songs overall and in each genre. Artists can also create their own charts, connecting them closer with fans. Every month, the Beatport Top 100 list comes out to rank the most popular songs on the website. This is my favorite time to discover new music from around the world. The Beatport list is extensive, so I’m going to narrow down July’s top 100 into 5 favorites and give you a taste of what awaits you over at

(Please note the position of these songs on the Top 100 list vary on a daily basis)

#25 PAX – “Electric Feel”

The Beatport top 100 list is the best place to find amazing reworks of classic pop songs. “Electric Feel” by PAX completely reworks the original 2007 MGMT song into something lucid. The dreamy house song features lyrics and rhythms from the original along with an added bouncy bassline that will have you dancing. After hearing this track I added it to my summer playlist right away.

Connect with PAX: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

#99 Block & Crown – “Feel Galactic”

This song is FUNKY! Block & Crown have created a beautiful motif of sound on “Feel Galactic” The duo reimagined the classic “Intergalactic Planetary” by the Beastie Boys with a tropical funky house beat and an overall upbeat sound. They also added some perfect sing-a-long lyrics that are sure to turn the dancefloor into a karaoke party.  Tracks like this are the reason I’m so pleased Beatport exists. It gives listeners a chance to discover brand new artists with huge talent.

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#20 Camelphat – “DMT”

Camelphat has become a household name in house and techno music since their massive track “Cola” took over airways, giving house music a temporary mainstream spotlight. “DMT” stays true to the tech-house genre while still digging deeper into Camelphat’s unique sound. The lucid vocals and hypnotizing basslines on “DMT” will take you on a trip.

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#51 Chris Lake & Destructo – “Y.O.D.O”

“Y.O.D.O” is the latest collab between Chris Lake and Destructo, and much like the album artwork, this track goes full circle. “Y.O.D.O” takes the greatest elements of both artist’s music and blends them together, creating a perfect house harmony. Lately, every song these artists have been putting out have been getting massive attention, so seeing their collaboration on the Beatport Top 100 list is no surprise. You’ll have a chance to witness Chris Lake’s mixing powers for yourself at Goldrush 2018! Grab tickets here.

Connect with Chris Lake: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect with Destructo: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

#61 Flashmob – “The Lone Brazilian”

This tech-house track from Flashmob is a melodic mixture of middle-eastern vocals and underground house basslines. “The Lone Brazilian” is a different take on house music from what we are used to in the US, and it’s refreshing. After hearing this song I checked out Flashmob’s SoundCloud and discovered that in addition to making vibrant music, he also hosts a weekly radio show where listeners can tune in and hear new music from Flashmob and similar artists.

Connect with Flashmob: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

#42 VASSA – “Like an Egyptian”

“Like an Egyptian” is my personal favorite on this list. VASSA builds the song up like any traditional house song, with bumping kicks, drums, and symbols, it isn’t until the bass drops where this song gets unbelievable. The flute-solo drop takes listeners on a  float down the Nile river. I’ve never heard a flute intertwine itself into electronic music so perfectly, and any DJ that plays this live would be sure to blow minds! “Like an Egyptian” is a groovy house song, and I hope it gets VASSA the recognition it deserves.

Connect with VASSA: Facebook | Soundcloud

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