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Justin Jay is ‘Cash Money’

For the past few years, Justin Jay has been killing the game with his long list of singles and debut album, Home off his own label Fantastic Voyage. His latest single, “Cash Money,” takes him back to his roots. From the vocals to the funky bassline, the song demonstrates the quintessential Dirtybird sound with a happy twist from Justin. It showcases the versatility he has as an artist–he can really do it all! And the art for the single, a gigantic cat surrounded by stacks of gold and money makes it that much better.

It doesn’t stop with the single, though! Justin Jay recently announced his ‘Cash Money’ Tour that has him traveling all across the U.S. from now until October, ending at Dirtybird Campout West. He’ll be making a stop right here in Phoenix along the way for a special 21+ show at Monarch Theatre. Grab your ‘cash money’ and get your tickets here.

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